Image via IndieCade

IndieCade is Coming!

This October, Los Angeles will be host to the ninth iteration of IndieCade, the biggest event in the nation that showcases independent games.

Chris Bennett was honored to be selected as a juror for the IndieCade awards, and we are looking forward to an exciting line up of games this year. There are many tracks, such as video, arcade, VR, tabletop and outdoor games.

You can learn about some of the 2015 award winners here.

We were especially taken by Her Story by Sam Barlow, which took the 2015 Grand Jury Award. This game combines live-action footage and open-ended storytelling to tell a true-crime story that is brilliant, compelling, and emotionally relevant.

Image via Gamespot
Image via Gamespot

While the bigger studios and publishers are making most of the money in the games world, it’s the independent designers and teams who continue to generate much of the innovation in the games space.

Look forward to a show report after the Game Design Thinking Research Group visits IndieCade this fall.