Chris was interviewed about ‘The Engagement Challenge’ by Digital Media Academy as part of their speaker series.

What will you learn?
1. Why video games are so compelling to students and where traditional education is falling short
2. The three most important types of learning that involve games and play
3. Why project and play-based learning is critical for student success
4. Why learning from game design goes much deeper than “gamification”
5. Where do you think education is going?


Chris spoke on ‘Combining Game System Design, Behavior Design, and Neuroscience to Improve Lives’ for the Playing For The Planet online workshop.


from CES

Margarita spoke on the ‘Peace Building and Technology’ panel at CES 2020 about the importance of sending a market signal for the value of peace. Imagine a Core Loop of Peace and what that might look like if we added in value creation for those involved, and how that might make the core loop run more efficiently.


courtesy of Course Hero

Chris published a Course Hero Faculty Club lesson on the Core Engagement Loop.

Note: the lesson requires a free registration on

from Michael Perman

Margarita wrote a chapter about peace, behavior, games and innovation in Michael Perman’s book Craving the Future (2019).

Photo by Margarita Quihuis

Chris and Margarita were interviewed about Game Design Thinking and Behavior Design and featured in a new book by Piero Scaruffi and Jinxia Niu called Peace Tech (2019). This book was published in Chinese, but you can read the original notes from Chris’ and Margarita’s interviews.

Courtesy of Interconnected Individuals

Margarita spoke about Behavior Design for the Interconnected Individuals podcast with Jeff Saperstein.


from EdSurge

Margarita spoke with EdSurge about persuasive design.

from Course Hero

Margarita and Chris spoke about GDT and persuasive technology at the Course Hero Educational Summit 2018.



Margarita was quoted by Giovanni Rodriguez in an article for about tech shaming and behavior design.


from Big Fish Games

Chris was quoted by Lauren Hall-Stigerts on an article on creating irresistible experiences.

from Lauren Schiller

Margarita was interviewed by Lauren Schiller for the Inflection Point podcast.


Chris was quoted in a Big Fish Games article on neurochemicals and games.

Chris had an invited talk at the Stanford University Interactive Media and Games speaker series put on by Assistant Professor Ingmar Riedel-Kruse and MediaX. The topic was Analog Minds: Learning Through Designing Tabletop Games, and you can watch video of the talk here.


Chris was quoted along with PIL Co-Director Margarita Quihuis in about Facebook Paper.


Chris was quoted in about MOOCs and innovation and about crowdsourcing your goals.

Chris appeared on a Silicon Valley Innovation Institute panel on Persuasive Game Technology, moderated by our own Margarita Quihuis.

Chris was quoted by Lauren Hall-Stigerts of Big Fish Games on using game mechanics to change bad habits.

Chris appeared on Andrew P. Mayer’s Active Design podcast discussing what really makes mobile engagement work.


Chris was interviewed by Stephanie Spong of Moksa Ventures on exploring the game layer.