GDT Research Seminar Series Kicks Off this Fall

Beginning this fall quarter, GDT Research Group is starting a seminar series every other Wednesday starting September 28 at noon at Old Union Rm 122. This is a good opportunity for you to get involved in Game Design Thinking and bring your research and your learning to the GDT community. Stanford Faculty, researchers, students and industry collaborators are invited to participate.


Fall Meeting Research Group Dates

Sept 28

Oct 12

Oct 26

Nov 9


Old Union Rm 122



Our tentative agenda this fall includes:

GDT Research Seminar Series every other Wednesday at noon starting Sept 28

Game Jam at Stanford Winter Quarter

GDT for Climate Change at Harvard Jan 2017


Research Topics


What methods and frameworks do game designers use to foster collaboration within a game session? How is the psychology of collaborative games different from competitive games? How do role playing games foster collaboration?


How do Game Designers use currencies to provide motivations and incentives via currencies? How can currencies be applied in other domains?


About GDT Research Group

We study the intersection of game design (as a science), behavior design, and neuroscience.
Game Design Thinking draws on game mechanics, narrative design, psychology and economics to find ways that we can measurably improve lives.


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