Chris Bennett speaking at Bradley University

Game Design Thinking at Bradley University

Chris Bennett recently had the honor to speak to students in the Interactive Media department at Bradley University, which has one of the top Game Design schools in the country.

Department Chair and event host Ethan Ham recently authored a book on ‘Tabletop Game Design For Video Game Designers, and his students were primed to see how their work affects the larger world.

Chris did a lecture on Game Design Thinking, which sparked a good conversation on the neuroscience of the games we create and play. Chris also ran a master class which delved deeper into some of the game design elements that we study in this research group.

But best of all, the students got a chance to share some of the great work they have been doing in their classes, including an award-winning game in the Games 4 Health student competition.

All of that, plus it was snowing in April!