Interactions Dynamics Notation in the HIVE

Have you ever been in the HIVE?  The HANA Immersive Visualization Environment is a scientific visualization wall that is 10 x 24 feet and is made up of 35 monitors that allow up to 16 users to connect at once. Quite a piece of technology for the Stanford Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME).

We were there to present to Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science as part of our work at the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford.

Our partners at the Center For Design Research (CDR) showed some of their recent work.

Wendy Ju showed their advanced research around driverless cars. One highlight was that current laws around driverless cars require that the “driver” is monitoring the car systems at all times. But in their research the CDR found that drivers tend to get the most drowsy when monitoring the car systems. And that they were actually most engaged when reading or watching video during the trip. And since engagement is the clearest sign that a driver is able to take over in an emergency, it appears that our laws still have some catching up to do.

But an even more fascinating talk was by Neeraj Sonalkar. He spoke about CDR work in developing a language for innovation that they call Interactions Dynamics Notation. This is a visual language, similar to musical or dance notation, that shows the “offers”, “blocks” and other dynamics that happens as a part of working through a creative problem.

This reminds us of a process that gamers do when starting or playing a tabletop role playing game. People may bring their own creative ideas to the table. But the strongest gaming situations often happen when everyone finds ways to combine their ideas,mane challenge each other in a positive way.

It would be productive to use this Interactions Dynamics Notation to break down a session of tabletop gaming, or even a live improvisational theatre show. We suspect there would be a lot of crossovers in the language of creativity between different disciplines.

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