photo by Chris Bennett

Castilleja School Global Week 2015

Our primary area of investigation in 2014 was Trust, so it seemed proper to end that year sharing some of what we had learned with younger students.

Chris Bennett was invited by the wonderful ACE (Awareness Compassion Engagement) Center at Castilleja School in Palo Alto to speak to the senior class about trust; how it is lost and how it is earned.

Chris spoke to the seniors before their trip into SF to get s first hand view of how neighborhoods are changing because of the continuing gentrification. After they returned, Chris talked about what they observed, through the lens of empathy.


Then Chris had the opportunity to lead several students in a design sprint to create personas and see how trust could be created through empathy.

It was a great opportunity to collaborate with these young women who will be helping to lead our world through their passion and their efforts.

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